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At Dipeshpreneur you will learn how to create a website from the scratch without any prior knowledge of coding.

Since the whole world today is going digital, it is necessary to create your own identity in this digital space. And thus, you must know how to create a website and learn how to operate it.

You will learn how to create a website on WordPress.

WordPress is the most preferred publishing platform of choice for over 100 million websites and blogs. WordPress includes some of the most high-profile websites in the world. WordPress has a Content Management System (CMS) market share of 58% worldwide.

Why should you learn WordPress?

Our Web Design Course in Vadodara at Dipeshpreneur on WordPress is ideal for anyone who wishes to start their independent website, without the hassles of learning coding. If you wish to start your own blog, this course will get you started from the basics to the advance.

Even if you wish to start a small business of your own then this course is ideal for you, because as a businessman you will need your own website.

You could be a freelance journalist/writer/blogger wanting to show off some of your writing skills online and eventually earn from it or you could be a businessman wanting to expand your business online. Owning a website is ideal for every digital business.

You may have already tried to set up WordPress previously but got lost in the basic technicalities. Our course on web development at Dipeshpreneur will set you back on the right track, by clearing all your doubts and insecurities of creating a website.

Web Design Course in Vadodara Topics

  • Introduction to WordPress: What is WordPress?
  • How to Install WordPress? (Practical Demonstration)
  • What is the anatomy of a website?
  • WordPress Blogs vs. Websites
  • RSS options
  • RSS and Social Media
  • Photo galleries and portfolios
  • Practical Exercise: How to planyour site content?
  • How to Install WordPress on the MySQL database?
  • Operating WordPress Dashboard
  • Content types: Posts, pages and more
  • How to publish your first content?
  • Practical Exercise: Adding content to your site
  • The look of your site
  • Practical Exercise: Rectification and errors
  • How to configure WordPress to your needs?
  • Comments: How to engage with your readers?
  • Practical Exercise: Commenting and moderation
  • Plugins: Playing with plugins
  • Create tags for SEO and categories to organize posts
  • Practical Exercise: Choosing, installing, and activating a plugin
  • Installing themes
  • Exercise: Trying some new themes
  • Multiple users: How to let someone else do some work on your website?
  • Exercise: Co-authoring, editing, and workflow
  • How to create an ecommerce website
  • How to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS)

Outcomes After Completion of Web Design Course at Dipeshpreneur

You will be able to install and configure WordPress on a hosting account.

You will able to get deep understanding of the main content types of WordPress and their differences.

You will be able to configure WordPress to your preferences.

You will understand how to tweak your theme settings and alter the look of your website.

You will be able to install new themes and plugins into your WordPress website.

You will understand how to make your site more secure.

You will be able to explore and learn the changes in the field of digital marketing and will be able to use it for your good accordingly.

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