Social Media Marketing Course

Join our Social media marketing course to get success on social media. In this course of social media marketing, you will get chance to learn advance social media marketing which you can be used in business and job.
This course will guide you to solve your social media marketing related doubts, uncover future and importance of social media marketing.
Who can join this digital marketing training/course:
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • sells professionals
  • Homemaker – housewives
  • freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Startup founders and team
  • Influencers
  • Media editors and Radio Jockeys

Social Media Marketing course in Vadodara

Social Media Marketing Course at Dipeshpreneur is systematically developed a fun-learning programme. Social Media as the word suggests is a social tool which is used to leverage your purpose.

You will learn the unpaid methods of Social Media Marketing where you will understand what type of content attracts the mass audience and how you, too, can create your space in the Social Media World to communicate your purpose to a mass audience.

You will also learn the paid methods of Social Media Marketing where you will understand and practically apply the paid techniques of marketing to target your niche audience.

You will also work on our social media client’s projects where you will learn how the social media can be used for the support of a large audience in real world to fulfill your purpose.

1.Facebook marketing

In our Social Media marketing course, you will understand everything about Facebook that you never knew earlier.

Facebook is one of the best sources of earning through online media.

You will learn the best techniques of monetizing your content on Facebook.

You will also learn how to run campaigns for marketing and much more!

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

Introduction Facebook and Facebook Marketing

Importance of correct Facebook Account setup

Understanding different Facebook strategies for Marketing

How to use Facebook group for Marketing 

Facebook group promotion and handling audience 

How to manage Facebook events?

What are the different types of posts?

How to upload contacts for invitation?

How to Increase followers -organically/paid campaign?

How to use a Facebook marketing campaign?

What are the different Audience engagement techniques?

Which are the important applications for fan page marketing?

How to do Facebook advertising?

Which are the different types of Facebook advertising campaigns?

How to use Facebook Analytics?

How to use Facebook Edge Rank?

Practical Sessions on creating Facebook advertising campaign

How to target your audience in a Facebook ad campaign?

Which are the payment module – CPC vs CPM vs CPA?

How to set up conversion tracking?

What is Facebook reporting?

How to use power editor tool for advertisement?

Which are the Advanced Facebook marketing techniques and tools?

How to implement chatbots on Facebook?

How to earn from Facebook?

2. LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an application where you can connect and make contacts with people from various professions.

You will learn how to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes using our tried and tested techniques for growing your network. You will also learn how to run paid advertisement campaigns from LinkedIn.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are :

What is LinkedIn?

What is the difference between LinkedIn Company profile and Individual profiles?

What are the different types of LinkedIn groups?

How to use LinkedIn groups for marketing?

Which are the best practices of LinkedIn paid advertising ?

How to increase Return on Investment from LinkedIn ads?

How to do LinkedIn publishing?

How to become a LinkedIn influencer?

How to Optimize your LinkedIn the profile?

3.Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the fastest source of online news and information. You will learn how to write accurate tweets within the Twitter word limit. You will learn the analytics and tracking of the performance of your tweets and how to run a paid/unpaid ad campaign on Twitter.

Our effective techniques of personal branding on Twitter will enable you to become an independent influencer.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

Understanding Twitter ­and Twitter Marketing

Which are the tools used to listen & measure your Influence on Twitter?

How to do marketing on Twitter?

Which are the safe black hat techniques of twitter marketing?

How to Advertise on Twitter?

How to create campaigns on Twitter?

Which are the different types of advertising Tools for twitter marketing?

How to do Twitter Video Marketing?

How to become a Twitter influencer?

Which are the effective personal branding techniques on Twitter?

How to earn from Twitter?

4.Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a visual social media platform where content plays the major role. At Dipeshpreneurs, you will learn how to attract people using the visual content and how to write the relevant caption on your IGTV, Post or stories. You will learn how to run paid advertisements on Instagram.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

 How to do Brand building?

How to create a Brand case study and identity?

How to create a community around your brand personality?

How to attract Instagram Influencers to promote your brand?

What are the hashtags?

What is the importance of Hashtags?

How to get impressions using hashtags?

How to run Instagram paid campaign?

How to Analyse a campaign outcome?

How to find your target audience on Instagram?

How to write a compelling caption on your post?

How to use Instagram IGTVs and stories effectively for promotion?


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine which helps in finding ideas on varied topics for example – recipes, lifestyle, fashion, inspiration and much more. You will learn how to run a campaign on Pinterest. You will learn Pinterest analytics and how to grow your website traffic using Pinterest.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

What are the Pinterest basics?How to build your niche audience on Pinterest?

How to grow your business using Pinterest?

How to grow your website traffic using Pinterest?

What are Rich pins?

Which are the content strategies for Pinterest?How to use Pinterest analytics?

How to schedule your pins to improve frequency?

How to Create & Optimize Boards and Pins on Pinterest?


Snapchat is a message sharing application where the images, text or videos can be viewed for a shorter period of time. More than 1 billion snaps are shared on snapchat every day. You will learn the tricks and techniques to reach your niche audience.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

What are the Snapchat basics?

How to create Snap ads?

How to target your niche audience?

How to do Optimization and management on Snapchat?

How to use snapchat for Branding?

How to use new snap codes today every day?

What are secret tricks and techniques of Snapchat?

How to learn from snapchat influencers?


More than 91% of Indian customers use WhatsApp.It is a low investment,high return source of Digital Marketing.You will learn the best practises of WhatsApp marketing.You will learn how to reach a large audience using WhatsApp Marketing techniques.Whatsapp for business.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

 How to use WhatsApp for business?

What are the different Broadcasting techniques?

How to create a Personalised WhatsApp campaign?

Which are the Persuasive cold texting techniques?

How to provide an excellent Customer service experience using WhatsApp?

How to do Group marketing?


TikTok has 800 million active users.You will learn how to do personal branding with the use of  TikTok. You will also learn how to leverage on other Digital Marketing platforms using TikTok as a popular platform.

Among some of the topics which you will learn are:

What are the basics of Tiktok?

which are the important but usually overlooked topics?

How to do Brand promotion techniques using TikTok?

How to sell your products using TikTok?

How to build a community using TikTok?

How to leverage multiple social media platforms using TikTok?