Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing?

Because Content is the King!

By using a compelling and valuable content you can get to the heart of your readers and earn their trust. Research has shown that “the more useful, engaging and relevant content you provide them, the more chances are that they will buy from you.” A few reasons why you should invest into content marketing are given below:

  • Websites that produce content regularly receive 8 times higher traffic than other websites.
  • Content marketing costs you 62% less than any outbound marketing method.
  • Content marketing generates 3 times higher leads as compared to outbound marketing
  • Companies who provide content on regular basis have received 6 times higher conversions.
  • Using Content marketing services, you can enhances your email marketing and social media marketing efforts.
  • Content marketing is cheaper and more effective than any other form of advertising.

Dipeshpreneur is the best Content Marketing Service provider in Vadodara. We provide you  extensive high-quality content and marketing services. Our expert content developers and marketers provide you with an end-to-end solution. Dipeshpreneurs focuses completely on identifying and working on the gaps in the content and conversion funnel, because this will avail maximum conversions for your business. Call us today to leverage the power of words and take your business a notch higher!

Dipeshpreneur content marketing services will help you in increasing your website traffic through your online marketing channels. We will help you to connect with the people from various online channels, onto your website. Some of these online marketing channels are social media platforms, search engines and your email marketing efforts. Our content writers will produce fresh and relevant content using which you can engage with your audience, build trust with them and influence their purchase. Dipeshpreneur content marketing services includes developing strategies, content writing,editing content and publishing on your website after optimizing. Next we distribute it across various channels to engage your audience and build the brand reputation.

Why to Choose Dipeshpreneur Content Marketing Services?

Dipeshpreneur is a renowned Digital Marketing Agency which brings you high-quality services to your doorstep. Dipeshpreneur creates powerful strategies that align with your target audience interests and also with your business objectives.

  • Dipeshpreneur provides end-to-end content solution, right from copywriting, editing, management to distribution. We take care of EVERYTHING!
  • Dipeshpreneur follows practically proven methodology and strategies, which has already been used, deliver and worked for all our successful clients products/services.
  • Dipeshpreneur believes in catering to the problems of its clients and provide solutions that are tailor made for your business requirements.
  • Dipeshpreneurs team of expert copywriter, editor and marketers, follow the best practices of content marketing to deliver excellence!
  • Dipeshpreneur focuses on creating high-quality content at affordable rates to make our services accessible to everyone.

Content Marketing Process at Dipeshpreneur

1. Strategy

A sound strategy is the most important aspect to make a successful content marketing plan. We, at Dipeshpreneur, specialized in creating a practical in-depth strategy by using the market research data and audience targeting options. We carry out an in-depth analysis to understand your business goals, the current market scenario and the target audience to form a strategy which will improve your organic search visibility and brand awareness online.This plan includes the SEO strategy, relevant marketing channels, resources required and an editorial calendar.

2. Ideation And Creation

After the strategy is created our next step is towards creation of high-quality, relevant and meaningful content to match your target audience. Our team of Professional Content Writers will deliver creative, unique and keyword-rich content based on the basis of Googles guidelines. We provide you the full diverse content marketing services, including blog posts, new articles and landing pages content. Dipeshpreneur provides you with innovative and unconventional forms of ideas to showcase the various formats of content such as videos, data visualization, infographics and much more.

3. Management And Scheduling

The entire process of content writing is complicated as it requires seamless coordination between the writers, editors and marketers. Dipeshpreneur specializes in content management as well. Because, we streamline the entire process of content ideation creation, publishing  to distribution. Our content marketing specialists have expertise in managing clients schedules so that the best optimized content is available to your audience at the right time.

4. Distribution

Creating content using valuable words is important, yet distributing that content through the right channels is most crucial for adding value to it. At Dipeshpreneur,we not just offer reliable website content writing services but we also ensure that the content reaches to your target audience via effective distribution channels. Our specialization in digital PR, native advertising ,sponsored blog posting and social media amplification will maximize your content reach.

5. Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is the most important part of content marketing. Because it shows the efficiency of the plan and provides us with data .We do this by using specialized measurement tools and real-time report analysis and metrics. For example: blog visits, user engagement, site visits, keywords progress, customer engagement, lead generation, etc.At Dipeshpreneur, we also evaluate the success of our strategy and make required rectifications/improvements to make the content perform better.