Logo Designing

Your logo is a symbol which is made up of text and images, that identifies your business. A good logo portrays what a company does and what the brand values.

At Dipeshpreneur we design and create the perfect visual brand mark for your company. Depending on your needs, we create a logo which consists of a symbol or brandmark and a logotype,along with a tagline.

Why is Logo Important?

1.It grabs attention

Internet user’s attention spans are very short.

Brands have less than 2 seconds to convince the potential customers that their brand is worth some consideration.

This is where your logo does the magic!

A creative and interesting logo will quickly grab viewers’ attention, if it communicates the company’s core values immediately in an interesting manner. Since consumers judge your brand by its appearance, your logo will serve the advantage.

Your brand logo will also communicate about the industry you exist in and the services you provide to your target demographic audience. People remember things visually, thus the customer is bound to remember your brand not by the name, but first by the image.

2.Makes a strong First Impression

You have just one chance to get this right.

Your logo is your brands first introduction to customers. The first impression is your first move to communicate about your product or service. If designed appropriately and creatively, it can grab the interest of your audience and invite them to know more about your brand, if not, you have just lost a potential customer base.

3.Logo is the foundation of your brand identity

Successful branding is about telling your brand story which will influence customers’ emotions in a plain and simple manner.  

And, while logo design is only a part of the company’s brand personality, logo serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which your brand is built.

Right from the colour, tone to font-all of this is determined by the story your brand is telling the customer. Logo sets the stage for this story to be told.

These same elements will later be used for all of your branding materials, for example : letterheads, business cards, landing pages, etc.

4.Its Memorable

Logos are a point of identification.Logo’s are the symbol using which customers recognize your brand. Ideally, your logo should make people store the brands purpose in their memory instantly,because that is how people will connect with your brand in the future.

At Dipeshpreneur we create your logo visual appealing and aesthetically pleasing which then triggers positive recall about your brand and its purpose.

From the logo people immediately associate with their memories of your brand.And when your customers remember your brand logo,in long term it will build brand loyalty.

5. Your Audience expects it

Your audience expects to see the brand logo whenever you’re communicating with them, because the logo builds a sense of trust.It should be in front of all your communication channels and the centre of all your marketing effort, for example: business cards, flyers, advertisements, etc.

If you don’t have a logo, then you are missing out on an opportunity to make your business grow and stay in the minds of your target audience. Without a strong logo design, all your marketing efforts are wasted.

Dipeshpreneurs ensures you get the best possible designed logo for your brand.

We ensure all your logo design needs are fulfilled and provide you the best!


  • Typography

Your logo will contain some kind of typographic element.This could be a monogram-style single letter/an abbreviation/full title of the business.

We create your logo using the best typography that suits your brand identity.


  • Imagery

You logo’s typography can be accompanied by symbols or icons. These can represent or be composed of abstract geometric elements.

If needed ,we would include decorative elements such as line work or visual punctuations, for example small stars/dotted line. However these don’t necessarily create a specific standalone image, they’re just a part of the logo as a whole.


  • Colour

Logos do not necessarily have to be colourful, they could be black and white monochrome or multi-coloured. We create multi-coloured logos that often have palettes which are either colours of similar hue or of distant and opposite hue.Selecting the right colours is another complex segment where we specialize.


  • Context

Logos are defined by the written context on the logo design.However it is important to note that this written content suits meets the brand purpose,not too short or long,within the correct typography and placed in the right space.

There goes a lot of different ideation, rectification, and creative mind into creating a simple looking logo. We at Dipeshpreneur have expertise the art of creating logos.