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Dipeshpreneur Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Vadodara has been designed for employees, business executive and any staff members who wish to train themselves and their team in the field of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing develops all your marketing plans because most of Digital Marketing skills earned from our course will help you practically implement them while working the projects.

Why to choose Dipeshpreneur for Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Vadodara ?

Expert Curated Content

Our Digital Marketing trainers are experts on the subject matter and provide practical skills that can be instantly applied to any job role.

Supporting Staff

Our team at Dipeshpreneur will support you at every step by ensuring you are engaged with the learning process and constantly stay motivated.

Better Digital Transformation

After learning Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Vadodara at Dipeshpreneurs you will be armed with skills to kickstart or progress your digital transformation in the world of Digital Marketing.

Improved ROI

By investing in learning and development you will increase your productivity and enhance job performance.

Practical Industry Work

At Dipeshpreneurs your practical project work will include working on our clients Digital Marketing needs.


Dipeshpreneurs provides you the best classroom facilities in Vadodara, including computers for practical work experience during classroom lectures and a wide 4 feet wide Television screen for presentations.

Digital Marketing is an important skill you must learn in today’s Digital Age to have an edge over other employees and increase your promotion and earning prospects.


Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Vadodara Topics

Branding and Client Acquisition

For a Company

Branding your company is about showcasing your company’s uniqueness outside of the products and services that it offers because your company is much more than the products and services it offers.

Branding creates a sense of belonging to your customers. Branding is essential, if not the most important part of Digital Marketing.

Some of the main topics you will learn here are:

  • Why branding?
  • Practical case studies of branding
  • Rebranding
  • Performing market research for clients
  • Studying competition
  • Drawing comparative analysis
  • Creating the actual service strategy
  • Assessing viability of planning and reporting

For an Individual 

Personal branding is not restricted to the idea of becoming an influencer. Personal branding is a necessary skill you need to learn for improving in every aspect of your work life.

Some of the main topics you will learn here are:

  • Personal brand communication
  • Learning Agency Skills
  • Corporate communication skills
  • Executive protocol and office decorum
  • Horizontal and vertical flow of information and reporting
  • Capturing clients’ requirements through questionnaires and request acquisition
  • Curating appropriate client service plan via step-by-step flow chart of events
  • Presenting service plan to full capacity to client via audio-visual aid
  • Providing relevant documentation to complete client request to result formalities

Leads and Business Development

Getting leads for your business is important for your business because it brings leads in the real business. However how you communicate with the leads play a significant role in conversion. Lead handling and processing is a different art altogether, which need to be understood to gain more leads and expand your business.

Some of the main topics you will learn here are:

  • Mapping client requirements
  • Matching agency service capabilities to required results
  • Curating client specific plan to achieve end to end results
  • Reporting strategy via clear presentation and documentation
  • Research and Development of Marketing Plan
  • Recording of data collected
  • Evaluating strategies options
  • Recording and reporting viable options to client in a clear and convenient manner
  • Why is business development
  • How to use Digital Marketing platforms for Business Development

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network in the Digital space. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationship with people.

LinkedIn allows you to share your professional background online, work experience, education, skills and recommendations.

LinkedIn also allows you to organize offline events, join new groups, publish articles, post informative pictures with caption, videos and much more!

Some of the main topics you will learn here are:


  • Why is LinkedIn important?
  • Understanding LinkedIn Company profile vs Individual profiles
  • Understanding LinkedIn groups play an important role in corporate communication
  • Importance of LinkedIn groups for marketing
  • LinkedIn paid advertising
  • How to Increase Return on Investment from LinkedIn ads?
  • LinkedIn publishing
  • How becoming a LinkedIn influencer earn you more job prospects

Company Promotional Activities

In the topic of Promotion, you will learn how you can use the various Digital Marketing Platforms for promotion purposes.

Here you will learn how to use Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, E-commerce, Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing for promotion.

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