Google Ads

3.8 billion searches are made on Google every day. People search for a variety of reasons: where to go, what to do, what to buy, how to do, etc.

Using our Google Advertisements service, you can place your Advertisements at the very moment someone is looking for these products or services.

However placing these advertisements in a cost effective manner in front of the right audience by using the demographic data, on the right electronic devices and using the right content format requires a thorough knowledge of how Google Algorithm works and how the advertisements on Google are ranked/placed.

At Dipeshpreneur, we have mastered the skill of Google Advertisements from years of practical experience, by applying it for our clients.

Why use Dipeshpreneur Google Ad’s service?

  • Expertise

Dipeshpreneur has a team of highly skilled and experienced Pay Per Click(PPC) experts. We design and create the best copy for your Advertisements to deliver impactful ads & dynamic PPC landing pages.


  • Edge over competitors

We continually analyse the conversion rates and identify the errors/gaps in Ad spends by investing into phrases/keywords which generate a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

Dipeshpreneur assures you that your Google Ad Campaign will regularly be rectified and innovated creatively to keep you ahead of your competitors.


  • Target your potential customers

Your Google Ads will appear in the front of your potential customer when and where they are actively searching by using the keywords that correlate with your business.


  • Quick results

We measure all your Google Ads data quickly.This will show you the fast results in advertising costs, profit margins, Ad click costs, landing page visits and website traffic driven by our Google Ad’s.


  • Cost Effective & High Returns

Google advertisements are the best source of Digital Marketing which require low investment and provide high returns. This makes Google Advertisements cost effective at a high Return On Investment (ROI).

Dipeshpreneur Google Ad’s services includes:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Video Ads
  • Google Re-marketing
  • Google Campaign Management and Ad creation
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Mobile Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Analytics

Dipeshpreneur Google Advertisement Strategy

  • Research and Discovery

First we will do a detailed research and learn about your business: objective, purpose, goal, future plans, etc.Then we will get into the complex details like business net profit, current turnover rate, current target audience, lifetime value of your customers, etc.

This session will build a relationship of trust between Dipeshpreneur and your company members.


  • Competitive Research

Now we analyse your business industry, upcoming opportunities, different big players within the industry and collect the data for future strategies. Using industries updated research and analyzing software tools, we keep a close eye on your competitors digital advertising campaigns which will provide us an insight into their bid, spend and landing pages. This helps us in taking early advantage of new opportunities. Using this data we can learn from the competitor and formulate a competitive marketing strategy.


  • Keyword Research

We determine the best keyword(s) to bid on, because valuable keywords/keyword phrases are the foundation of a successful Google Ad’s campaign. From an extensive keyword research  about: Monthly volume, Difficulty, Organic Click-through-rate, Priority, Local searches, etc. Using this data we can determine which keywords have the potential to provide the best Return On Investment(ROI) and a competitive advantage.


  • Comprehensive Account Analysis

If you have an already existing Google Ads account, then we will use the historical data to find new trends and get some valuable data which will help in creating an innovative Google Ads campaign.

 DON’T WORRY! If you don’t have an existing account or have never tried using Google Ads for marketing your product/service.

Dipeshpreneur creates your whole Google Advertisement campaign from the scratch and gives you new business development opportunities and leads!


  • Campaign Creation

Next, we create your Google Ads campaign by creating multiple advertisement copies and configure all the settings. Using the A/B testing, we will create a brief idea of which Ads will perform better and generate higher conversion rates. Our web development team will guide you for designing high conversion landing pages. A Landing page is your websites first page where your customers are redirected, when they click on your Google Advertisement.

  • Optimize, Grow, Repeat

We do an in-depth research and test the campaigns using A/B testing methods, which then provides valuable data about the highest click-through and conversion rates.Then we ensure your PPC campaigns are optimised according to the needs, after making regular changes. We will provide you a weekly update and monthly reports which will show you the success status of Google Ad’s campaigns.


Dipeshpreneur provides you with various Google Ad Campaign types

1.Display Advertising

Displaying your advertisements across different Display networks is the most cost effective way to achieve significant the results. From Google Advertisement creation,audience targeting,optimizing and analytics assessment Dipeshpreneur places your ads on the right places which will provide you highly profitable business opportunities across the Google Display Network.


  • First, we plan the right campaign strategy and structure successful display advertisements. After deciding your business goals and determining the best display networks/publishers, we help you reach your target audience.
  • Using our Targeting Expertise, you will be able to advertise exactly who you’re trying to convert. This is based on different demographics, behaviour and the websites they visit. After this analysis we determine which keywords, keyword phrases, website placements would target the audience.Then we continually monitor and optimize your campaign drive the results you need.
  • Once the campaign strategy and structure are decided, we will focus on optimizing your Ads to generate more leads. Adding relevant, attractive and creative Call-to-action will maximize the click-through rate. Using the data from A/B tests, we will stop spending on the Ads that are underperforming and increase the spends on Ad’s that are generating leads. This will boost the Google Ads performance and drive constant improvement.
  • Landing pages are the most important part of the Google Ads campaign, because this is the page that generates conversions. This page captures the information of your users visiting the website and helps in converting visitors into leads. We guide you to create the right landing page which will increase the relevance of the content on the landing page in reference to the Advertisements Displayed on Google. This will then help in facilitating conversions.
  • By aligning your landing pages with the Google Ads offer, your companies branding remains consistent.
  • After your display advertisements start running, we continuously monitor its areas for improvement and optimization. Using URL tracking codes we keep an eye on your leads and conversions. We provide you a report every week with detailed analytics to maintain transparency.

2.Google Shopping Advertisements

Google Shopping campaigns are also known as product listing ads, which are a great source of marketing for E-commerce businesses. Google Shopping Ads get their products in front of audience who are more interested in making a purchase, thus it engages more potential customers. Google Shopping Ads are versatile yet powerful, because Google Shopping offers a variety of campaign options which helps E-commerce websites to achieve their sales objectives. It provides volume at a  granular level and more niche options like promoting new sales or discounts.

We, at Dipeshpreneur, help you to sell your products by strategizing, developing and executing campaigns that are optimized for increasing your conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

  • Tiered Campaign Structure

A lot of money can be lost because of inefficient Google Shopping Ads campaigns when your bids and budgets allotted for the campaign detached from value needed and Return On Investment. Useful and critical important data and insights get lost in the pool of information generated. This can lead you to chase product listing and advertisement placements that aren’t necessarily driving any sales.

Using our expertise knowledge in product listing  advertisement and management in setting Google Shopping Ads campaigns you can significantly increase the efficiency of your ads. We will keep lower bids for generic terms and prioritize more on relevant bids, this way we will be focusing to spend on the areas that designed to give you the best possible competitive advantage.

3.Paid Search Management

In today’s competitive market, it’s important for businesses to invest higher in paid Google search marketing advertisements, because this strengthens their digital presence online. This also gives a competitive advantage. Billions of internet users search for products and services online and if your product/service is not displayed on top of the search engine results page, then they won’t be able to find you.

With increased competition, companies have understood the importance and benefit of ranking higher on search results pages.The Pay Per Click advertising landscape is becoming more and more competitive because of this reason. This has made it much difficult to navigate without an experts help.

Experts, at Dipeshpreneur, will create the right strategy to drive relevant traffic on your website and convert them into valuable leads which will generate sales  from your landing pages. We provide you with the results that you want, by cutting out all the technicalities and complexities involved.

  • Campaign Strategy and Management.
    Paid search marketing campaigns involve working on many different topics such as setup, optimization, monitoring and reporting. To maximize your returns,we create a well strategized plan.We will develop a specialized strategy and set up a granular campaign goals.
  • Keywords Research
    Next, we perform a thorough research on your Target Audience and find the keywords that your audience is searching for.Then we place your ads in relevance to these keywords and attract your potential customers towards your brand.
  • Lucrative Advertisements
    While creating an Advertisement copy,less is more.Our team has expertise in writing influential and attractive Google Advertisement copies by using the right tone of voice and images.We also help you create a landing page which will influence the audience to make a purchase.
  • Tracking and analyzing
    Next we track and measure the success of the Google Ad’s by setting up URL’s and other tracking code.Using this data we provide you a report which shows the results of every Google Ad’s campaign.And we do all this within an affordable budget boundary.