The 5 Best Reviewed Digital Marketing Course in Anand

Digital Marketing Course in Anand

If you are in search of the best digital marketing course in Anand to join, you have come across the correct page. At the end of the page, you update all the necessary details for the Best Digital Marketing Course in Anand.

Here you will find updates on institutes that provide the latest digital marketing course in Anand.

If you are looking for a digital marketing course then you must be aware of its demand in the market. Let’s understand what is digital marketing before getting into details.

Digital marketing is the online marketing of your product/service by using all effective digital channels to reach the targeted audience and generate leads.

Digital marketing is a more effective and low-cost method in comparison to traditional methods of marketing in today’s new normal era.

There are more than 900 million active internet users in India and they are spending more than 4 hours on the internet. 

Easily availabilities of smartphones and cheap mobile data plans are the main reasons for increasing internet use. People are connected to social media more than reality.

In this digital age, you can easily target your potential customers through digital marketing.

Every MNCs to new start need digital marketing to get connected to customers and grow their business digitally.

As result, there is high demand for digital marketers in the placement market. Digital marketing can be a good course of earning as there is a lack of experts in the digital marketing field.

2000+  jobs are available for digital marketing freshers on Job placement platforms like LinkedIn,, etc.

Digital Marketing Course in Anand
The 5 Best Reviewed Digital Marketing Course in Anand

To learn digital marketing you don’t need a specialized degree or certificate but only need knowledge of basic computers and internet-using.

After learning digital marketing you have the great option to earn good money by starting your own business through a digital marketing agency, can be an influencer, blogger doing freelancing work, doing affiliate marketing, getting placement in a reputed company as well a working professional you can get a hike in your salary. 

Digital marketing is the best career option for housewives to restart their careers and can be independent by working at convenience as bloggers, influencers by starting youtube channels, content writers, freelancing work, or working as part-time digital marketers.

Grab all these opportunities by enrolling in an advanced digital marketing course in Anand at a reputed institute.

Top 5 institutes that provide the Best Digital Marketing course in Anand.

  • Dipeshpreneur -Digital Marketing course in Anand
  • TechNet Consultancy
  • Arena Animation
  • Prayosha Institute
  • Grow With PHP

#1. Dipeshpreneur Digital Marketing course in Anand

Dipeshpreneur-digital marketing course in gandhinagar

Dipeshpreneur is one of the best leading digital marketing institutes as well as a Digital marketing agency since 2016.

They are providing the best advanced digital marketing course in Anand. 

Mentor Dipesh Patel is associated with well-known institutes in Gujarat. 

He has 8+ years of experience in digital marketing & more than 2000 students are successfully working in the field from this institute.

Course and Duration provided by Dipeshpreneur Digital Marketing Institute

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course – 4 months
  • Special Social Media Marketing Course for Business Owners – 1.5 months
  • SEO  Training Course for Professionals – 1.5 months
  • WordPress Website Development Course- 2 Weeks

Modules Details of Digital Marketing Course in Anand :

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Increasing visibility
  • Bringing targeted traffic
  • Blogging
  • Analysis and keyword research
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Understanding AdWords algorithm
  • Advanced-level bid strategies
  • Creating ADs
  • How to increase the click-through rate 
  • Website creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster
  • Google Marchant
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Whatsapp
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube( video) marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • PPC/Google Ads

Who can join the Digital Marketing Course in Anand

  • Students 
  • Job seekers
  • Professional
  • Business Owners
  • Housewives
  • Fresh Graduates 
  • Influencers

Take a look at what our students are saying about us

The Job Opportunities as Digital Marketer :

  • Digital Marketing Executive 
  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • SEO Executive
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Social media Account managers
  • Content writer
  • Media planner
  • Blogger
  • Freelancer
  • Youtuber
  • Influencer
  • Paid promotion
  • Drop shipping business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Owner of Digital marketing agency

Highlights of the facilities provided by Dipeshpreneur - Digital Marketing Course in Anand:

  • 120+ hours of training: Dipeshpreneur provides quality training with practical practice. 
  • Lifetime support: They provide lifetime support to access updated content from time to time.
  • Guidance for how to start earning while learning: Mentor Dipesh Patel always motivates and supports you to start your earning while learning.
  • 100% support to your business to grow: If you are a business owner then here you will get 100% support to grow your business during digital marketing training.
  • 1:1 mentorship: Mentor Dipesh Patel provides you with 1:1 mentorship to clear your doubts and queries at the time.
  • Free Updated course materials: Dipeshpreneur institute provides you with updated learning material for a digital marketing course.
  • Online/ Offline classes: Online and offline classroom facilities provide by the institute at the same time. So in case, you could able to attend an offline session so the online link will be provided by the mentor.
  • Provide Recorded session: Every session is recorded during the class and it will provide by the mentor in whats group for your leisure and comfort.
  • Compulsory task and surprise test after every module: Compulsory tasks and surprise tests are arranged after the completion of every module to review your performance and understanding.
  • Free tools and software: Institute provides you to free access to software and tools for effective digital marketing during the course.
  • Alumni meet up: Alumni meet-up sessions spacial arranged by mentors to share their experience and roadmap as successful digital marketers.
  • Influencer meet-up sessions: Influencers’ meet-up sessions will be arranged with local popular influencers to know how digital marketing helps them.
  • 2 months in-house internship: 2 months internship provides by the institute. During the internship, you can work on live project work for clients. 
  • 16+ international certificates: After completion of the advanced digital marketing course, you will get a course completion certificate along with other international certificates such as from google and others.
Certificate- Digital Marketing course in Gandhinagar
  • Resume preparation: A special session was arranged on how to create attention-grabbing resumes for freshers and housewives. 
  • Moke interview practice: If you are a job seeker or want to restart your career then you will get proper guidance and practice in mock interview sessions.
  • 100% placement support: Dipeshpreneur provides you with 100% support for placement assistance for a lifetime. Mentor notified you of vacancies from reputed companies of digital marketing from time to time.
  • Live project work: You can work on live project work during the digital marketing training.
  • Flexible batches: Institutes have flexible batches for working professionals, students, and housewives so you can’t miss any sessions.
  • Special training sessions for how to grab freelancing projects: If you want to start your freelancing work then after the completion of the digital marketing course mentor arranged special sessions on how to grab freelancing work projects on your own. 
  • 100% support to start your Youtube channel for influencers: If you want to be YouTuber then here you will get 100% guidance for your channel during the digital marketing course without any cost.
  • Special career guidance sessions for students: Mentor Dipesh Patel is always ready to support and motivate students for their career guidance.
  • Installment facility for fee payment: Advanced digital Marketing course fees are 25000/- with (GST). Installment facility available for fee payment if needed.


For more information feel free to contact on:

Mobile:  +91 9898588807



#2. Tech Net Consultancy:

Digital Marketing Course in Anand

Technet consultancy is established in 2014 at Vallabh Vidhya Nagar.

Technet consultancy is one of the leading education & training company provides complete IT training & Placement services.

They are providing various courses for Data Science, software development & testing, mobile app development, python, android, machine learning, AI, Asp, .net, MVC, Larvel, WordPress courses, and digital marketing course in Anand. 

Digital marketing courses details are as followed:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Marketing Course
  • SEO Course
  • Google Ads/ PPC Course
  • LinkedIn Ads Course
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Automate Sales Funnel Course
  • Digital Marketing Bundle Course

Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course: 

  • Experience faculty
  • Placement Assistance
  • Trained 10000+ students 
  • Live project work
  • Online class facility

To get information about fees and course duration and time you can contact them by using the given details.

Address: F-6, Vihang Trade Center, Mota Bazar, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand

#3. Arena Animation

Digital Marketing Course in Anand

Arena Animation is one of the leading institutes that provides animation, visual effects, web designing, broadcast, gaming, and multimedia education.

They have 24 years of training experience in animation education and they are providing digital marketing course in Anand.

They are offering  prominent courses as followed:

  • Animation VFX Prime
  • VFX courses
  • Animation Prime
  • Gaming
  • Broadcast Prime
  • Graphic and Web
  • Visual Content Development
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Digital marketing course

 They have introduced a special digital marketing course in Anand combined with Advertising and Design.

In this course, they include:

  • Digital advertising concepts
  • Typography Design
  • Digital artworks
  • Digital imaging
  • Sound composition
  • Digital video techniques
  • Design communication design portfolio
  • Sales, Marketing, and Digital Marketing basics
  • Digital Marketing Principles
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Below is the contact information for the institute if you would like more information

Address: Dev-Samarth, 1st Floor Opp: Palikanagar Garden Nr. APC, New S.P Rajmarg, Anand

#4. Prayosha Institute

Digital Marketing Course in Anand

Prayosha institute is a leading and well-known institute that provides various vocational courses related to IT, Healthcare fields in Anand.

They are providing a digital marketing course in Anand.

Prayosha Institute is the foremost institute for career-oriented courses that provides:

  • Master in Webtech
  • Professional Graphics Design
  • Professional Digital Marketing 
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO/Google Ads
  • Diploma in Motion Graphic
  • Diploma in UI/UX Design
  • Diploma in Paramedical
  • PG DCA

They are covering the following modules in a professional digital marketing course: 

  • Digital marketing introduction
  • Website marketing & planning
  • SEO
  • Planning SEO of a website

To get information on fees and time you can go through the given details 

Address: 3rd floor, Ram Sikhar Complex, Opp.TVS Showroom, Grid Chowkdi, Anand

#5. Grow with PHP

Digital Marketing Course in Anand

Grow with PHP is a pilot institute that provides IT-related courses.

  • Hardware & Networking course
  • Software Development course
  • Software Testing course
  • Web Development course, and
  • Digital marketing course in Anand.

Topics for the Digital marketing course are 5 modules including 

  • AdWords 
  • Analytics 
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Web Development

Highlights of the course: 

  • 12 weeks
  • Expert faulty
  • Placement assistance
  • Online class facility
  • Lifetime support

For more information on the institute’s fee structure, please contact them by giving the information below.

Address: B/6, Aashtha Bungalow Near Aakashdeep Society, V.V Nagar Rd, Anand

Before ending this blog you must have a clear idea about digital marketing and its scope and now you be interested to join the course at the earliest. 

Dipeshpreneur institute has the motive to train each and every one of their students who are willing to learn digital marketing and want to become pro digital marketers.

Join to get trained by the expert and master the top skill set of digital marketing courses by Dipeshpreneur. 

Call today to book your free demo session.