Social Media Marketing For Business – For Small Business

Social Media Marketing For Business - For Small Business

Social Media Marketing For Business – For Small Business

This article will help you to Generate Leads and More Business with Social Media

Social Media Marketing For Business - For Small Business

Social media is not about posting a photo, video or chatting. It is more than that. This E-Book will help you to generate leads and get more business via social media.

Before starting this article, I want to say that please go through this blog thoroughly and apply it properly in your business.


Active users on the social media platform:

Active users on the social media platform

Social media platform for Entrepreneurs


Facebook has the highest number of active users right now. It has more than 2.6 billion active users. Almost everyone is using Facebook for socializing.

As business owner and professional, you must have to use it for the business promotion, branding, lead generation and client acquisition.

How Facebook can help you to generate business.

Facebook page:

Facebook has amazing option that is Facebook page.

It will help you to create your business, company, organisation or creator page.

Facebook profile has limited feature while the page has tons of features.

Some of them are as below.

  • There is no followers limit in Facebook page.
  • You can run ads on Facebook and get targeted result. You can run ads for numerous options like followers, leads, promotion, traffic or app downloads.
  • Facebook ads is ultimate goldmine at present. With the help of it, you can generate quality leads and acquire clients.
  • Remember that ‘boosting the post is the worst option you select’ while running Facebook ads.
  • You can create custom audience, lookalike audience, retargeting and many more things, which can reduce your cost on promotion.
  • Even you can use Chatbot to engage quickly with your audience and for lead generation activity as well.

Find competitor ads:

Step 1:

Find competitor ads

Step 2:

Find competitor ads

Step 3:

Find competitor ads

Facebook, itself, gives you an option to check ads of other people.

In info and ads section, you can find competitors or any other pages’ running ads in the various regions. It will help you to identify the competitor and allow you to analyse. It will also help you finding “the winning ads”.

You can analyse competitor ad copy, images, video and landing page and which kind of leads admin has collected and in which region he is running the ads, all things you can get from this option.

Facebook Ads library can help you to find relevant ads and for ads analysis.

Facebook Group:

If you have a huge following then you can also go with the Facebook group for the community building.

In the Facebook group, you can create interest-based community and it will help your business. Facebook group has great reach so you can use it for engaging with your customers and audiences.

Facebook Ads:

As I said Facebook ads is a goldmine.

Here is some of the example of Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads

With the help of proper Facebook ads, you can easily acquire clients for your business.

In Facebook ads, you can create custom audience, lookalike audience, retargeting and many more things, which can reduce your cost of promotion.

Success of Facebook ads mainly depend on Ad copy, funnel, targeting and offer. Make sure you must have a great offer for your audience.

Suggestion for the ads:

Use video ads it will reduce your cost and help you in retargeting.

You can use Facebook pixel, which will help you in retargeting your audience. (Generally used by e-commerce company)

Turbo ad finder

Turbo ad finder, display only ads in your newsfeed (inspiration for your Facebook ads).

It will help you to save your time on Facebook and help you to learn from others’ ads.

Turbo ad finder


“One of the trending social network right now among the youth”

This platform will help you in setting up your store, running ads and much more things.

For above feature, you need to make your business profile on Instagram.

It has variety of feature from editing and content like a story, IGTV that helps you to make unique content.

You can even create your product store on Instagram.

With the help of Facebook ads manager, you can run ads on Instagram. Make sure you follow the guideline in it.

One of the coolest thing about Instagram is that the story works well on Instagram.

Few things that help you in getting more reach on Instagram:

Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags in your post, story or video will help you to get more reach on a particular post.

Use stickers and location tags it will also increase your visibility.

Use Instagram live for getting more engagement.

 Website of Hashtag:


If you are in the B2B industry then Linkedin will help you to get more leads.

You can make a business page on his platform and run ads.

These ads are in mail ads and feeds ads.

You can connect with various link minded professional with this social media platform.

Linkedin allows you to create your group as per your business need and your niche. Moreover, you can post your business details in LinkedIn groups as well.

Linkedin has hashtag feature so you can add this in your post and get more reach.

Linkedin has article publishing option. The best thing about this feature is that whenever you publish article it will appear in the notification of your connections.

In Linkedin you can extract contact details of your connections.

Youtube :

Youtube is search engine for the video.

People come on youtube to fulfil their intention so you have to make sure that you can fulfil their expectation on it. Make an informative video on each subject related to your business.

Do some YouTube SEO on it.

Make video more informative, which has call to action in it.

It will help you getting sells and branding of your business.

If you exceed Youtube limit for followers and watch hours then you will be eligible for the Youtube ads monetisation. For that, you need to have 1000 followers and 4000 hrs watch time (in 12 months)


Snapchat is famous among youth so if you have product or service related youth it will be easy to find clients from Snapchat.

Advertisement on snapchat for fashion and youth-related products and services will work well.

Things to do for getting followers easily:

Run giveaways and contest

You can run giveaways for your product and services it will help you to reach out to more people. It can be product or service giveaway. It will reduce your cost of promotion because people love free stuff.

Invite friends for like your page or follow you:

In facebook community section, you can invite your friends to like your page. This way you can get more followers on Facebook.

Work on video content:

Use square video for getting more views and reach.

Add engaging content

Engaging the post will help you to get more visibility of your post.

Create a post, which can help audience to engage more on it. People  can share, comment or like.

Example of Engaging post:

Example of Engaging post

Use square videos and images:

It will help you to increase your reach

Use square videos and images

Bonus Tips:

Register your business on Google My Business:

Register your business on Google My Business

For local business, Google My Business is an important helpful business tool.

Google My Business will help you to discover your business on local Google searches. It will help you in getting leads via Google searches.

By filling all the information and doing local SEO you can dominate on Goggle search result which can help you to get more leads in your business.

In Google My Business, you can create your site as well.

Double Bonus Tips:

Tools, Apps and software:


It is freemium platform for creating graphics online. This tool will help you to make various images, poster, banner, social media ads, post and business cards and many more.


Facebook Pixel Helper:

It will help you track competitor’s pixel on website.

Facebook Pixel Helper


Filmora is tool for video making. It is easy to use and work in low memory computer as well.

Buffer and Hootsuite:

Both of them are social media management website and they have an app as well. With the help of these tools, you can schedule your post on various social networks.


If you want to edit your photo like pro editor then this is the perfect tool. You can use adobe illustrator or coral draw as well.

Adobe premiere pro & after effect:

If you want to create stunning video then this tool will help you to get more with video editing.

Final cut pro:

Video eating software for the Apple products.


This tool will help you in youtube SEO

Freepik and Pexel:

From these the website you will get

✓Free Graphic Resources.

✓ Vectors

✓ Stock Photos


✓ Icons

✓ All that you need for your Creative Projects.


Use Flaticon for icons, which you can use for social media posts.

It will help you to create a logo of your brand within few seconds.

You can Make Logo in,


Are you struggling with writing? Here is an Ultimate solution.

Use grammerly for creating grammatical error free content for social media and blogs with 80% accuracy.

Bonus suggestion:


Use quora for answering your business related query, which will help you to get more visitor on your blog or website and ultimately leads to getting more clients and business.

Bing Places for Business:

Also register your business on Bing Places for Business which will help you to get traffic from Bing places.

Hope this E-book helps you in your business or organisation success.

Please mention your experience in the mail and hope this book serves your purpose.

Share it to right people so that they can take advantage of E-book.

Have great social media beginning



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