Google Ads Course In Vadodara

Google Ads Course In Vadodara

Are you looking for Google Ads Course in Vadodara? Well, look no further! We have the perfect course for you!

Our Google Ads course is designed to help you master the art of online advertising.

You will learn all about the different types of ads, how to create them, and how to optimize them for maximum results.

After completion of this course, you will be able to create your own Google Ads campaigns that are guaranteed to get results. So, if you’re ready to take your online marketing to the next level, sign up for our Google Ads course today!

Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads is an Advertising platform Provided by Google Itself. It allows businesses to display adverts on Google Search and other Google properties.

 Google Ads can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises. The key to success with Google Ads is understanding how the platform works and using it effectively.

In this course, you will learn all about the basics of google Ads, including how to create an account, set up your first campaign, and begin driving traffic to your website. Also, you will learn about some of the advanced features of the platform, such as remarketing and tracking conversion rates.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how Google Ads works and how you will use it to grow your business.

Setting up your Google Ads account

It covers the basics of setting up your account and campaign settings. You will learn how to create your first ad and set up your billing information.

Creating your first Google Ads Campaign

Now that you’ve signed up for a Google Ads account and set up your first campaign. It’s time to start creating your ad. While the process may seem difficult at first, once you know how to do it, it’s actually quite simple. 

To get started, log in to your Google Ads account and click on the campaigns tab then click on the + Campaign button in the top right corner of the screen.

On the choose your campaign settings page you will need to select the campaign type. For most businesses, the Search Network only or Display Network only options will be the best choice. 

Once you’ve selected your campaign type, you need to choose a billing method. Google Ads offers two options:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  2. Cost Per Impression(CPI)

CPC is generally the better choice for most businesses. As it allows you to control your costs more closely.

After you’ve selected the billing method you’ll need to choose a budget for your campaign. The budget is either a daily budget or a monthly budget. If you’re not sure how much to spend, then start with a small daily budget and increase it as needed.

Finally, you’ll need to choose a name for your campaign and an optional start date. Then click on the save and continue button.

On the next page, you’ll need to select some targeting options for your campaigns. The targeting options may vary depending on which campaign type you selected earlier. 

For example, if you choose the Search Network only option, you’ll be able to target people based on their search terms. If you chose the Display Network only option you’ll be able to target people based on their interests or demographics. 

Once you’ve selected some targeting options, click on the save and continue button again.

On the next page, you’ll need to create your ad groups. An ad group is a collection of ads that share the same keywords and targeting options. You can have multiple ad groups in a single campaign.

To create an ad group click on the +Ad group button and enter the name of your ad group. Then, click on the Create Ad group button.

On the next page, you’ll need to create your ads. Then click on the +Ad  button in the top right corner. On the create your ad page, you’ll need to enter some basic information about your business such as your website URL and phone number. You’ll also need to write a headline and description for your ad.

Targeting your Google Ads campaigns

Google ads course in vadodara

There are a number of factors to consider when targeting your Google Ads campaigns. Depending on your business goals, you might want to target a particular location, language, or time of day. You can also target people based on their interests or previous interactions with your business.

To find the right targeting options for your campaign, start by considering your business goals.

For instance, if you want to increase your online sales, you might want to target people who live in your shipping area or who have previously shown interest in your products. Once you know your goals, you can start exploring the various targeting options available in Google Ads. Such as

Location: You can target people in a specific country, region, city, or postal code. You can also target your potential customers who are searching for terms related to your location.

Language: You can also target people who speak a specific language or who are searching for terms in that language. This is especially useful if you have multiple websites or offer products or services in various languages.

Time of the day: You can target people based on what time of the day they are searching for the terms related to your business. This is useful if you want to reach people during certain hours or days of the week.

Interests: You can target people based on their interests, including their affinity for certain topics, brands, or types of content. This is useful if you want to reach a specific group of people with relevant ads.

Previous interactions: You can target people based on their previous interactions with your business, such as whether they have visited your website before or subscribed to your email list. This is useful if you want to reach customers who are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Measuring Your Google Ads campaign performance

Any business that wants to use Google Ads to advertise online must first set some goals for what it wants to achieve with its campaign. There are four main types of conversions that businesses can track with Google Ads:

  • Sales 
  • Leads 
  • Downloads and 
  • Sign-ups

Once you identified what type of conversion you want to track you need to set up your website to start tracking these conversions. 

Conversions can be tracked in two ways: by adding a code to your website or by using Google Analytics. The code is a kind of HTML code. When someone clicks on your ad and then fills out the form will redirect to the thank you page, and the code will track that conversion and send the information back to Google Ads.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps businesses to track all information about their website traffic and user behavior. Besides this, you can use Google Analytics to track conversions. However, if you’re already using Google Analytics for your websites, it can be easy to use it to track your Google Ads conversions as well.

Once you set your conversion tracking, you need to measure your campaign performance so that you can see how well your ads are doing to achieve your goals. The most important metric for measuring campaign performance is conversion rate, which is the number of conversions divided by the number of ad clicks. You can also track other metrics such as cost per conversion and click-through rate(CTR).

Optimizing your Google Ads campaigns

To get the most out of our Google Ads campaigns, you need to continually optimize them. Optimization means making changes to your campaigns to improve their performance.

There are many different things you can do to optimize your Google Ads campaign. Some of the most important things you can do are:

  • Continually add negative keywords to your campaigns. This will help ensure that your ads are shown to only those people who are interested in what you are selling.
  • Regularly check your search terms report and add relevant keywords to your campaigns. 
  • Experiment with different ad text and landing pages to see what works better for your business.

Google Ads tips and tricks

Google ads course in vadodara

Prioritize your budget for the top-performing campaigns:

It’s important for you to regularly evaluate your Ads campaigns to identify which of your ads campaign is performing well because most people running Google Ads face budget restrictions so put the rest of the funds into those campaigns who has the potential to maximize your returns.

Take the advantage of the remarketing lists:

In terms of Google ads as the name suggests remarketing means targeting the people who have already visited your website and show interest in what you have offered but for some reason, they did not take action. Remarketing helps you draw their attention back to your site and persuade them to buy.

Use a shopping campaign for an e-commerce store:

With the help of a shopping campaign, you allow google to know your products with a brief description & price that you want to display when customers make queries related to your products.

 With the google merchant center, you’ll need to upload a list of your products to create shopping campaigns.

Consider the right keyword match types for your campaigns:

There are three keyword match types you can use on Google  Ads

1) Broad Match: Searches that are related to your keyword.

For instance: running shoes could match cricket shoes for men or shoes for running etc.

2) Phrase Match: Searches that include the meaning of your keyword. For instance: “ running shoes” could match to women’s running shoes or best running shoes etc.

3) Exact Match: Searches that have the same meaning as your keyword. For instance [running shoes] could match to running shoes or sneakers etc.

Monitor the quality scores of the keywords:

Google gives a rating based on your ads and landing pages by evaluating the user’s experience whenever a users search for a query and see whether they match their query or not.

Remove negative keywords:

Negative keywords are those keywords you don’t want your ad to appear for when people use terms such as free which indicates the searcher is looking for something free related to the products or services you sell. However, this brings no conversion and it hampers your ad budget.

So exclude those negative keywords that affect your ad budget.

Try out the different Ad Formats:

Google Ads offers a few different ad formats to choose from, including text ads, image ads, video ads, and many more. Experiment with different formats to see which ones perform best for your business.

So now will tell you why you should join our Google Ads course in Vadodara and what uniqueness we offer to our students.

Dipeshpreneur has now become the most popular name in Vadodara because of our excellent way of teaching which inspired many individuals to enroll in this course.

Our course structure is designed by looking at demand trends in the digital marketing field. Google ads are part of digital marketing and it is an essential subject to consider in this online marketing.

You will get trained by the best mentor “Dipesh Patel” with has a decade of experience in this field. And promise to provide quality education to students who want to make a career in the digital marketing field.

We have trained more than 2000+ individuals like you and assisted in providing placement in some of the recognized industries where they can learn and grow.

Our institute provides all these things often students desire to have when they look for a Google Ads course in Vadodara. They are:

  • Placement Assitance-Here you will get full job placement assistance which help you acquire a job quickly.
  • Recorded Session-After every class you will get access to the recording of the lecture through the learning management system(LMS) which you can access for a lifetime without any problem of not remembering what has been taught in today’s class.
  •  Flexible Batch Timing-Today everyone wants to learn at their own convenient time. So Dipeshpreneur allows you to choose your time according to your preference.
  •  Doubt Clearing Session-We provides doubt-clearing sessions for students who do not understand the topic clearly, you can discuss with the mentor whatever queries you have to get a perfect solution.
  • Lifetime Support- In the future, if you’ve any doubts regarding the topics discussed earlier and want a revision then you can return at any time without any additional fees.
  • Internship opportunity-Once you’ve completed your Google Ads course you can get an opportunity to work as an intern to better understand the topics practically on multiple clients’ projects.
  •  Interview Preparation-In between the courses you will get training on how to crack an interview, questions related to the interview are discussed and trained until you clear the interview.
  •  Influencer Meetup- Here you will get an opportunity to interact with the most popular influencers of Vadodara to inspire you with their success stories and help you motivate toward achieving your goals in life.
  •  Provide Case Studies-Here you will get case studies to work on and assist you to learn about the different ways the businesses have used Google Ads as well the results they’ve achieved.
  • Hands-on Live Projects-Our training is highly dependent on providing real-time projects to work on and making them learn everything in a practical way to better understand the topics.
  • Free Demo Classes- Our demo classes are unpaid for the first session of the course for the individual willing to learn Google Ads. We’re flexible in providing both classroom and offline sessions.
  • Mode of Training- You’re free to choose your learning preference because we provide online as well as classroom training to our learners. So, students can join both online & offline it completely depends on them.
  • Course Completion Certificate-After the completion of the course, you’re eligible for the certificate which will be proof of your course completion from a certified digital marketing institute.
  • Duration of the Course- The Google Ads course usually takes 2 months to complete.
  • Free Software & Tools- We provide various tools and software to our trainees which play a great role in today’s world that you can access for a lifetime. The tools we provide will be very useful for you as a freelancer, in business, or even in clients’ work.
  • Batch Size- We ensure that our batch size is small so that each student gets equal attention from the mentor.
  • One-on-One Mentorship- We provides one on one mentorship to our students who want personal attention to discuss topics related to their business or any projects. Here the mentors will personally guide you on how to grow and strategize your business to get more conversions using Google Ads.

Learn About What You'll Study in Our Google Ads Course in Vadodara

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Google Ad Rank Algorithm
  • Campaign Management
  • Setting Up Google Adwords account
  • Text Ads and Ad Extension
  • Google ads Targeting & Placements
  • Google Ads Budgeting & Bidding
  • What is CTR?
  • Why CTR is Important?
  • Campaigns, Ad Group, Ads, Keywords, etc
  • Paid Search Versus Organic Search
  • Relevance & Quality Score
  • PPC Basic
  • Types of Ads
  • Search Network & Display Network
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Ads
  • Smart Ads
  • Conversion
  • Measuring Performance of Marketing Campaigns via Google Analytics
  • Creating an Account in Google Merchant
  • Remarketing
  • What is Online Advertising?
  • Types of Online Advertising?
  • What are Payments Modules?
  • Tracking & Measuring ROI of Online Advertising
  • How to Allocate Funds for Various Online Advertising Platforms
  • Creating Adgroups
  • Finding Relevant Websites for Ads Placement
  • Understanding Ads Metric
  • How to increase Quality Score?
  • Optimizing Non-Performing Keywords
  • Analyzing your Competitor’s Performance
  • How to Write a Compelling Ad Copy


  • At least 12th passed out is mandatory
  • No prior knowledge & experience of online marketing is required to join this course
  • Only required some basic knowledge of computer

For course fees and more detailed information you can contact us by using the information below

Phone:  +91-98985 88807



Address: 4th Floor – 410, Baroda Commerce House, beside Bansal Mall, near Nilamber Circle, Gotri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390021

I hope after reading this blog, you’ll want to join our Google Ads course in Vadodara for maximum business results!
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