Social Media Marketing

Consumers will stay connected with the brands that interact and acknowledge them. They expect the brand to do a lot more for the post purchase experience. Every brand in today’s Social Media Marketing space needs a solid plan to get the attention of their Target Audience. By infiltrating your audience’s tribes, we learn how to speak their language and behave as they do. Then, we learn how they interact with the clients’ and distance the competitors. This helps us uncover unique insights about their culture. We then develop an actionable plan that is grounded to your brand personality. 

After learning all this, its time to create brand experiences for the customers that keep them connected throughout every social media platform.

We offer full service account management packages for all your social media platforms.

Dipeshpreneur handles all your social media needs from content creation to publishing. We monitor the growth of your social media handles and track the paid campaigns closely. At Dipeshpreneur, we promise you that no questions or messages asked by your customers/potential customers will go unanswered, nor will we let it a lead go uncaptured.

 We build a community around your brand by interacting with your followers/potential followers by letting them know there is a brand behind the scenes taking care of them and serving them. 

 We make connections with your fans so that they have a memorable experience when they interact with your brand

Our Services in Social Media

Facebook Marketing

1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily, of which 280 million are Indian users. You can tap into this goldmine of revenue with our Facebook Marketing Services at Dipeshpreneur.

Facebook is a platform where you can build long term relationships with your target audience, it’s a platform where you or your employees can directly socialize with the customer. Facebook is as necessary as owning a website, because the benefits of Facebook Marketing and the community builds around your brand goes a long way and ignoring its benefits can push you to the bottom.

At Dipeshpreneur, we provide you with the successful techniques of promoting your product/service to the targeted and non-targeted audience. Usually when brands promote themselves on Facebook they lose themselves in the crowd. Dipeshpreneurs makes you stand out of your competitors by the virtue of Awareness, Consideration and Conversion step-by-step.

How our Facebook Marketing Service create value for you?

Dipeshpreneurs is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Vadodara.

Thus, it’s our responsibility to provide you goal oriented services.


Spread your business reach by enhancing, attracting and engaging your audience to the Facebook page using our professional Facebook campaign management service.


Without engaging your audience on the business page, your business promotional expenses cannot compete with the stiff market hurdles. Dipeshpreneur helps you to widen your opportunities and pushes your business in engaging with the end customer.


By promoting your services of Facebook paid advertising campaign, Dipeshpreneur opens the door for you to grow your sales at high conversion rates.


At Dipeshpreneur, its our duty to create your unique brand personality and create brand awareness, among your potential customers on Facebook.


Our Facebook Marketing Service builds a robust lead generation strategy for your targeted customers and provide you the business leads you have wished for, with the assistance of marketing automation.


After building your brand, we will engage your followers to download and interact with your desktop or mobile app.


This is the most important tactic which we implement to grow your business by redirecting the traffic from your Facebook page to the websites landing page to achieve your desired conversion targets.


Organic reach is slow and limited to a certain extent while growing your brand. But, we, at Dipeshpreneur, display your Facebook activities through reliable paid advertising techniques which will bring more likes, comments and followers from new audience.

Instagram Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

More than 100 million pictures are uploaded daily on Instagram.Instagram is the most interactive platform for communicating with your Target Audience.

Instagram builds your brand awareness and loyalty. Instagram is the most effective platform for building a conversion about your community among users.  

However doing this requires a specialisation and a deeper understanding of the platform and how you can leverage the tools offered by Instagram, for growing your brand organically or through paid advertising.

Dipeshpreneur does that for you! We promise to fulfil all your Instagram brand building and promotion ambitions!

How our Instagram Marketing Service create value for you?



We work on an in-depth research about your competitor’s strategy and find out your brand can imitate, innovate and execute new marketing strategy in the market and stand out from your competitors.

Next, we will develop your brand persona by pinpointing the qualities of your ideal customer and their goals, values, challenges, pain points and other important demographics.

Finally, we’ll compile and process from our research and start ideating your content .



Our Instagram creative and unique marketing strategy will guide your company towards success.

You will have access to every information from our planning stage to execution, you can suggest changes and rectifications according to your needs.

Images play the major role in Instagram. We find the best videos, graphics, designs and photo image according to your content type and communication purpose, to lure your audience.

Once you are satisfied with the content produced by us, you just need to sit back, relax and watch the magic happen!

We will provide you a content calendar which will give you access to all the work we’re doing and planning to do.



Our Instagram Marketing service includes both paid and organic marketing activities for growing your community engagement and followers.

We will conduct a hashtag research and find the relevant hashtags for increasing your content outreach organically.

Reaching out to the relevant influencers for content promotion will also bring new audience to follow your account. From contests, giveaways, gifts and a lot more! We’ve tried everything by developing and trying different campaigns ,which are industry relevant.



We will monitor your Instagram account activities such as comments, messages, group messages, reel views, IGTV sharing, story post, hashtag review on a daily basis.

Every month end you will receive an Instagram report with the growth in followers, engagement, comments, likes and other metrics.

We analyse your reports and make the necessary changes in the marketing campaign to get the required results. You will also get a copy of the reports on every month end.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is the most expensive form of paid advertising. However, the benefits you can derive from LinkedIn are immense. LinkedIn is the best B2B platform.

From sponsored content, paid advertisement to organic reach.We, at Dipeshpreneur, ensure you reach out to the right target audience within these 660 million users.

We create your LinkedIn content with the right keyword and posting the content that audience would engage with.

We will run your ad campaign on LinkedIn using Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads. Then we will monitor and optimize your LinkedIn Page performance using analytics. You will get reports of these analytics to track the marketing performance.


Twitter has around 330 million monthly users, which makes Twitter world’s fastest source of sharing news.

Twitter is the fastest digital platform to take the pulse of your audience.

Using surveys, real-time trend monitoring, polls, and a pool of other interactive marketing features, we, at Dipeshpreneur, create your Twitter feed into a treasured source of information and audience engagement. Following are some of the services we provide you in Twitter Marketing :

  • We create and set up your Twitter business account.
  • Optimizing your existing profile and expand your
    brand awareness across all the different
    Twitter profiles, associated or relevant to your brand.
  • Create recurring or on-demand Twitter posts.
  • We manage your Twitter accounts end-to-end conversations and lead’s,
    including the integrated social media platforms.
  • We will measure the reports and report metrics, of your Marketing Campaign.
    Then we make the rectifications and create a new strategy.
  • We will respond to you customer service inquiries and direct messages.
  • We Manage your brand reputation through brand monitoring and mentions
    via social listening tools.
  • Build influencer relationships and
    increase your circle of influence for gaining
    followers influence.
  • Create various marketing strategies then track and manage them. Examples – contests campaigns, hashtag campaigns and publishing different interactive content.
  • Produce and curate short social
    engagement videos.
  • Using your social media advertising budget, we target your high-value users and drive the desired results.
  • We analyse your competitor’s social media accounts and
    strategically target the relevant active users and
    high-value prospects.
  • We also manage your customer complaints, compliments, and feedback on Twitter.


On Pinterest 93% of users scroll through the application for making a purchase or are planning to make a purchase in the future. Pinterest is the best B2C platform.

Pinterest is the best Digital platform for a quick conversion.

Pinterest is as important for an eCommerce trader as a website.

Pinterest brings 25% of all the online website referral traffic. If you don’t know how to leverage the advantages served by Pinterest, then you’re losing out on 25% of your potential customers.

Dipeshpreneur provides the best Pinterest Marketing Services.

  • First our team of Pinterest management specialist will create an outline of the strategy needed for your brand on Pinterest. Next we create your customer personas, and then we create the pins that are derived from a thorough research about your targeted customer market.
  • Next, we will use the content that built carefully using pins that aligns with your brand personality and values. If you’re building an
    E-commerce, we will discuss about the line of business, product line, brand building, product diversification plans, etc. We could even create purchase pins for attracting your customers towards conversion.
  • As we start publishing your Pinterest pins, we will interact with other Pinterest users and generate more activity for your page, to build awareness. Through promoted Pinterest pins, we will boost your content and increase engagement.
  • Next, we will track and analyse the past results, find which content works and which content does not get more engagement. Using this data, we filter down to the refined audience and promote accordingly and generate positive results for your business by providing you a monthly report for reference.


Snapchat has 191 daily active users and 76% of those users are online buyers.

Using Snapchat, you can reach a global audience. You can target users based on their online and real-world interests and behaviour, their geographic location and by demographic.

We, at Dipeshpreneur, drive results and provide insights into the marketing process on Snapchat.

Using Ads Manager, we promote your business by creating advertisements, launch new campaigns, monitor the marketing performance and optimize for achieving your goals.

We create the best Instant Create on Snapchat, which will drive more website visits, app install visits and encourage people to call/text your business.

Using Snapchat’s Advanced Creative ads we create multiple ad sets with more advanced targeting and bidding capabilities. Using Snapchat Pixel, we will measure the impact of our Marketing campaigns and optimize accordingly.

Snapchat is an easy application to use, however the marketing on snapchat is a whole another ballgame. Dipeshpreneur ensures that all your marketing goals on Snapchat are achieved.


Even though Tik-Tok has been removed from Indian play store, the 470 million Indian users who had downloaded the application continue to use it. And they will be able to use it until & unless they un-installed from their electronic devices.

India accounted for a 31% share of the total Tik-Tok downloads worldwide. Many businesses and influencers still use the application for promotion. The competition to stand out has increased on the application, ever since it was banned.

The application has had a very major influence over the years and that’s exactly the service we provide you. Using our Tik Tok Service at Dipeshpreneur, you will get the influence out of the application like never before!

We go stepwise for an effective Tik Tok Marketing strategy: 

First comes the research phase. After a thorough discussion about your industry, content needs and target audience our content curators come up with unique and creative content strategies. Here we will discuss, how we can improve engagement, drive more site traffic and generate new leads using the application.

  • First comes the research phase. After a thorough discussion about your industry, content needs and target audience our content curators come up with unique and creative content strategies. Here we will discuss, how we can improve engagement, drive more site traffic and generate new leads using the application.
  • Second, we filter out the audience that is not relevant to the marketing goal and find the target audience. This is the tricky part where we will define your audience that would buy into your product/service, this will be based on various demographics like -age, gender, language, interest, device, location and also the psychological aspects.
  • Next, we look for the relevant Tik Tok influencers who will promote your business on the application. Influencer marketing is a necessary step in TikTok marketing because these influencers bring untapped marketing towards your business and kickstart the organic reach immensely.
  • Tik-Tok Paid Advertising includes three different types of paid advertising categories: in-feed ads, brand takeover ads and hashtags challenges. Our team at Dipeshpreneur after confirming all the previous steps, decide on which type of advertisement should be used for your depending on your product type and audience.
  • Then these advertisements will attract your customers towards the quirky and fun content published on your TikTok profile, then redirect them to your website. Which will then increase the valuable leads.
  • Once the campaign is successful your brand will get User Generated Content from your fans and followers, this happens when your audience posts content on the platform by tagging your brand or by using your brand hashtags. Once the profile is established, it will be easy to collaborate with other influencers for free.