App Development

500 Million Indians use Smartphones. And among these 85% are Android users. Digital Marketing is trending worldwide and in today’s world every company wishes to create an App for their brand. Website is essential for every business to show the audiences what services a company offers. However, to keep this audience engaged with the audience, you must have an Android Application.

Dipeshpreneur builds customised user-friendly Android Applications for your products and services to be sold online. Our team of Professional App Developers will cater to your needs and improve your business performance, thereby increasing your revenue.

Dipeshpreneur offers you a full cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether your Android Application is a consumer oriented app, gaming app, educational app, web app, native app or Hybrid App. Dipeshpreneur handles the entire mobile app development process. Right from ideation, concept planning, delivery to ongoing support, Dipeshpreneur makes sure that everything is in the perfect order and sequence.

Our application will have a description area which will contain information about the seller and also about your website. Applications are useful also because they push your website’s organic growth.

Your application will also serve as a new source of bringing customers. After an individual downloads your app, they can use the in-store embedded “share” function to  share the app with their friends through social media email, SMS or any other medium.

The app is the alternative of a website we help you to build quality apps on IOS and play store.


At Dipeshpreneur we meet your market needs by empowering companies’ growth and expansion using mobile applications.

  • Native Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers, at Dipeshpreneur, will build you a high-quality native app for Android systems which align with your business and security requirements.


  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

Dipeshpreneur build you cross-platform applications that will work in different environments, because of a unique blend of native and web application technologies.


  • Progressive Web App Development

With Progressive Web Apps, we deliver native-like capabilities and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.


  • Wearables and Embedded Software

Dipeshpreneur will also create applications for a different wearable devices and integrate with smart devices or proprietary peripherals.

We Develop the following types of Applications:

  • Android

At Dipeshpreneur we use the latest technologies and help businesses to establish their presence on smartphones.

Android Mobile App Development

Android TV App Development

Android Tablet App Development

Android Wear App Development


  • Cross-platform App Development

We provide the best mobile applications that can run on multiple platforms. These cross-platform Apps an app will fit your OS devices users as well.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Tablet App Development

Hybrid TV App Development


  • Progressive Web App Development

At Dipeshpreneur, we create Progressive Web Apps that combine the best technical solutions which can be applied in mobile and web applications. This eases development and distribution and provides a number of other advantages to your business.

Cross-browser Web App Development

Responsive Web App Development

Offline Web App Development

Why to choose Dipeshpreneur App Development service?

Excellent usability

At Dipeshpreneur, we create Applications that delight your users with uniquely curated mobile experience and exceeds their expectations. We create an easy onboarding and intuitive navigation to guide visitors along a carefully crafted path.This is done to improve customers satisfaction and also boost your conversions.

Rich features

We provide you a seamless authentication to in-app payments, video conferencing and social media sharing. Dipeshpreneur has an expertise in application development services to deliver you a feature-packed mobile application that everyone will instantly download.

Top performance

After building a smooth and blazing-fast mobile application by optimizing at lowest cost possible, we ensure your mobile application can scale to handle 100,000+ users simultaneously with ease.

Rock-solid security

Dipeshpreneur ensures that you win your users trust to increase the user’s adoption of your application, by providing secure and frictionless mobile experience. Through sophisticated risk analysis, data encryption, leveraging biometric authentication and two-step verification, we build your users trust and confidence in your mobile application.

On any screen

We develop your application to deliver your users’ consistent mobile experience across all the platforms, without sacrificing the look and feel of the experience. Using our multiplatform frontend expertise, at Dipeshpreneur, we enable your audience to receive  hyper-personalized content and better commercial opportunities.