50+ students trained for Digital Marketing in Vadodara

50+ students trained for Digital Marketing in Vadodara

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Last week I have completed Half a Century.

Yes! Half a Century.
Trained 50+ students one to one in digital marketing.
Started this journey in Jan 2020 with 1 student and now it’s part of my life.
Before that, I have never thought that I can become a teacher/mentor or trainer for the digital marketing aspirants.
Learn a lot of things and it was a roller coaster ride.
The best thing about this journey is nurturing young talents to show them their real potential and helping the business owners to grow their business.
I am happy to see my students have started their agency, online businesses, freelancing work, influencer marketing and some of them are working in agencies. Happy to see their results and smiling faces.
Made some good friends and some of them are working closely with my agency work.
I just wanted to thanks each of my students those who trusted me and joined me in this journey
Also thanks to placement partner and organization
And All credit goes to the students and dear ones.
If you are good at something then deliver the best universe will help you to achieve whatever you want.
During this journey, I have learned sales, communication, human behavior, leadership, marketing, and tons of new things and still learning each day.

We have changed many people’s lives, Now it’s your turn.

Join us and feel the difference
Dipesh Patel